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My name is Kati McKie, I am a family photographer and photo artist based in Amsterdam. I specialise in family documentary photography, pregnancy and newborn photography sessions.
Being a mom of two lovely kids myself I can perfectly understand the value of pictures as timeless memory-keepers. Nothing beats capturing that sparkle between you and your loved ones. Whether it’s a family shoot, a round belly-shoot or welcome to this world shoot or a wedding shoot I will always strive for superior quality, creativity and honest value in photography.

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A family photography session is about capturing perfect family moments in a relaxed, stress-free way. I strongly believe that kids are at their best when in their natural environment; beautifully pure and true just the way they are. I recommend familiar and comfortable locations and routes.
A photography session is about you giving me the honour and trust to enter the very personal world of your life, your home, your baby’s room or your walk in the park. It’s my goal to create an atmosphere in which you relax and forget my presence. Making sure you can all be yourself and enjoy each other's company while I gently turn those precious moments into long-lasting memories.


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