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The Birthday Party Monster

Birthday celebrations are the best! Kids are counting days until their very special party, getting all super excited about the gifts and the cake and having friends over. For the parents the pressure is ON! I have photographed countless birthday parties and they are always so much fun. And for a photographer it is so important to always arrive a little earlier because the moments of preparation are priceless and no less important than the blowing of the candles. Every event is a story and a birthday party story does not start at the arrival of guests. It starts earlier, when kids are relaxed and wandering around, unsure what to do with themselves, occasionally sneakily picking the frosting of the cake with a finger (which nobody sees except me and so I put a finger to my lips and quietly go “Shhhhh”, showing that I will not tell anyone). *But I will sooo make a picture of that. If an adult asks why there is a little hole in the cake, (or why the cat is covered in orange juice, why there is rabbit poop in the shoes) then don’t you look at me because I saw nothing! ;)

Parents are running around looking fabulous preparing the sweet table, balloons explode, birthday paper glasses get blown away with the wind, pets are looking for a secure place to hide, everyone is under pressure but so excited and happy. Ultimately this is not just a super special day for the child, but equally (if not more!) for the parents. Every parent would agree that the birth of their kid is by far the happiest day of their lives. A birthday party spirit is definitely a thing! It’s a fluffy creature covered in candy floss and melted candle wax. It enters the room with that first smile of a child and does not leave until someone is looking like this:

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