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Tips and tricks for photographing your children

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Kids grow soo fast and the camera is such a confusing device.

Parents spin in the vicious circle of:

"I want to take nice pictures of my kids"

"I don’t know how to take them"

"I don’t have time to learn because I have kids"

Any new skill that reaches the point of being too overwhelming is often placed in a drawer tagged “I will learn this when I have more time”. Let me tell you, I am a professional photographer and I STILL photograph my child next to nothing these days, because let’s be real, that mountain of washing is not going to fold itself up.

So let’s kick off with this very random yet relatable list right here.

Tip N 1:

It’s fine to not have time to photograph your kids. Our memory makes pictures non stop. You will never forget the fist time they walked or their first smile. You do not need a picture of that because you already have one. Let’s all chillax and just enjoy the ride.

Tip N 2:

To get a good picture of your kid, there is no need for a special occasion. In fact, the more UNspecial and habitual the place is for your child, the better picture you will get. Where is that place? It’s in their room or in the park you go to on Sundays, it’s the cafe where he/she gets the same pastry every time, it might be under the table where they play with the dog, it can be in their bed or in YOUR bed, which let’s face it, for kids is basically the same thing :) Have you noticed how much children love routines? They are super happy and content when they know what is happening and where they are going and what they are going to do. That is the space in time where family photography happens. So here is a weird exercise for you! Take a camera (the one that you are familiar with, it can be your phone or any other device that you are used to) and make a few pictures of your child in his/her room playing. Additionally, take several pictures outside next time you do what you normally do on the weekend. Park? Playground? Supermarket? (Yes, I am serious).

Here you might be asking: But Kati, for a good photo, what is the best light/ angle/ background/ moon phase/ political climate??? Let’s touch upon that a bit!

Tip N 3:

Avoid photographing your kids from your own hight. Get down to their level (wherever that is) or even lower OR hang your camera above them. Start doing that and your pictures will improve.

Tip N 4:

Photograph your children when they are running! Don’t ask them to slow down or look at you. (Tip N 3 still applies here) Make a million shots in movement and most of those will look 💩. But there will be one good one “in action”. Delete the rest, don’t hold on to those. Just leave that ONE.

Tip N 5:

The sun is your friend. If there is no light there is no picture. It is rather straightforward. No life without water, no picture without light :) Have the window behind you, have the sun behind you. The window and the sun are your friends! The best sun is the “golden hour” sun. We are talking few hours before sunset and few hours after sunrise. Sharp strong midday sunshine is no good for you. Having said that, there are so many ways you can play with both natural and artificial light to create different moods, but we will not be talking about it quite yet. Because these are tips for those who are overwhelmed with too much information about photography and not for those who are hungry for MORE information about photography. Hope this helps a bit! If you guys want more tips, please let me know and I will so happily make this a regular blog thing!

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