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A photo walk down the memory lane

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

What super special photography session experience I had the other day you guys! Once in a lifetime thing quite possibly :) Got booked for a family photography session in Barcelona, which sounds like a common practice except this family was literally going to get on a plane and move to another country right after our photo session. Their bags were packed, they only needed to hop on a taxi and head to the airport as soon as we finish our photography walk. 

It was one of those gorgeous mornings in Barcelona, when you leave the house and things just start to happen. We had such a lovely photo walk down the memory lane through the area of Gracia, where the family used to live. There is this unexplainable amazing thing which happens every time I take pictures in places of sentimental value. There is some sort of photography spirits magic, when things start to just click, movements become so natural and intuitive, smiles so sincere. The session shapes up into a perfect flow and I as a photographer need to make half a step back, blend in with the surroundings and allow it all to flow right in through my lens like water flows through a fennel.

If you have a photography session planned for your family think of places that hold sentimental value for you. Where would you go together if the photographer was not there? Go to those places and just have fun there!

And if you are a photographer yourself always ask your client about their special places in town. Anywhere can be special if it is special enough to a given family or couple. If you as a photographer get lucky enough to enter this very private space of love and memories, then your work will go to the next level.

Good luck to you my very special clients! I am so honoured and touched to have been your final stop in Barcelona! 

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